Essay on Is China A Totalitarian Political Regime?

Essay on Is China A Totalitarian Political Regime?

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56% of female suicides in the world occur in one dominion (Dubois). This same country denies the freedom of religion and is currently decimating all Christian Churches and other places of worship. The people of this country, frustrated with the totalitarian regime, have held democracy riots in an attempt to move away from the current political system. The corrupt, unregulated trade originating from this country is spreading to other countries, disrupting the natural flow of business. If this country continues on this path its economy will begin to stagnate over the next 6 years. If this country, China, does not amend their internal issue they will suffer severe repercussions. Although China appears to have successfully dovetailed a totalitarian political regime with a capitalistic economic climate, this dualist approach has betrayed the people of China.

Since the Chinese government became Communist in the year of 1949 (Dikötter), China has been recovering from the severe loss of resources during and before the second World War. But before China became Communist, it was a monarchy, guided by the heavenly right of an emperor. The other first world countries surpassed China, which caused a rebellion and led to the fall of the Dynastic rule in China. On October 1st in the year 1949, Mao Tse Tung took control of China (Dikötter) and declared the People’s Republic of China (or PRC) the governmental power of China. At that point, Zedong had just defeated Chiang Kai Shek in a decisive victory and sent the Chinese National Socialists to the island of Taiwan, where Kai-Shek declared he would forever oppose the new government. After that, in the year of 1958 Zedong adopted a new economic policy and advanced from China’s agrarian to ...

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...tudy, Americans have a rate of 90 to 95%, of people who commit suicide will have depression before the deed is done. In China, this number is not the case, with a rate of 60% of suicides preceded by depression. Many Chinese people consider suicide for less than two hours before they commit suicide. Being poor or unemployed is not the only reason for suicide. Between 2012 and 2013, eight government officials committed suicide (Dubois). This is a result of suicide not being very taboo. Just because someone is wealthy or powerful doesn’t mean that person can escape the deadly grasp of suicide. Another difference between China and the West is that China, or the citizens, find that suicide is a more reasonable means to emphasize a message or to escape shame in any way, shape or form. The strictness of the PRC and the low standards of living caused these suicides to happen.

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