Is Chile The Moost Globalized Economy in Latin America? Essay

Is Chile The Moost Globalized Economy in Latin America? Essay

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For this assignment on Globalization, the country that our group chooses is Chile. There are a few reasons why we choose Chile as our selected country for this assignment. All of these reasons make us want to know more about Chile especially on the globalization. There many statements and rumors state that Chile is the globalization star of country in Latin America.
The reasons are:
1. According to Ernst and Young, Chile is the most globalized economy in Latin America. (Guion, 2012)
2. Globalization in Chile: A Positive Sum of Winners and Losers. (Tokman, 2010)
3. Chile was an early starter on opening trade and financial services in the early seventies. (Tokman, 2010)
Chile has the driest desert in the world along with enormous glaciers, fjords, beaches, volcanoes, as well as spouting geysers. It is also one of the slimmest countries in the world — 2650 miles long and just 221 miles wide at its widest point. Indeed, this unique geographical shape has inspired many a poet to call it ‘the slender lady.’ Imposing natural barriers mark the nation’s boundaries — the Atacama Desert separates the country from Peru in the north, the Andes Mountains create a frontier with Bolivia and Argentina to the east, and the chilly waters of the Drake Sea point to Chile’s proximity with Antarctica in the south. The expanse of the Pacific Ocean to the west completes the country’s geographic diversity.
A land of spectacular beauty, Chile today is on the threshold of a brave new emergence, having moved away from the excesses of the dark days of dictatorship. Thanks to far-reaching social changes and economic expansion, as well as an abundance of natural resources, the country is already considered an emerging leader in the regi...

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