Essay about Is Change Really a Good Thing?

Essay about Is Change Really a Good Thing?

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Cosmetic surgery in modern age, is coming to be more and more popular, modern and trendy from the increase of people, and celeberitys use of it! But is it valuble? Of corse not! Infact, its quite the opposite! It just brings more hastles to your life with all the finatual issues, puts your health and well-bing at risk, and there is also the fact that no matter how close you are with some people, they will judge you. These few but meaningful reasons definitly out weigh the positive points of cosmetic surgery! So why do people still think of it as a trendy thing? Why do people still take the risk and do it? Those are the questions that most people don’t take the time to reconcider, untill now.

The modern body image today is all about how ‘skinny’ or ‘pretty’ you are! The people who apparently don’t live up to these so called ‘standerds’ are probually now doubting there body because of some iddeotic trends! The doubt these people have about there body may lead to them wanting to change how they look! So they might start wearing make-up, going to the gym more offten or even dressing differently to live up to others expectations! But what if they choose to surgicly change? To never have to worry about there body again because it will all just be surgicly permanent. All cosmetic surgery is, is basicly change, so all the insurcure people feel like cosmetic surgery is there way to fitting in whith out movie a muscle, as it will change there body completely and make them in with the so called ‘trends’, and sure, it will fix there insurcuritys but in all honnesty, would you really want to surgically change that way you look just because some stupid tredy website told you to, or even because your favourite celebrity got it done, when there...

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...ven strangers you see on the streets will judge you. All because of one desition, and all because that humans, adults mostly, are the most judge mental people, and if you don’t want to be thourght of differntly, or looked at funnily, you should just stop with the changing and just stay hpw you are because everybody loves you the way you are.

Cosmetic surgery dose not only cause you hassil with your health, make you want to change to fit in or put you in debit, it looses your friendships because of our judgmental and hurtful socity. It dosnt make sence the people who chose to take the risk as it always turns out to have so many negitive and hurtful things about it and only a few positive things, if not none, so why change? Why put your body throught that harm? Why choose to loose everything? Why choose to change? Because its not you who needs to change its socity.

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