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There's something about comic books that make them appeal to the public. When people hear the word “comic book” or “superhero” they automatically think of a man in long underwear with a mask or a cape tied to their neck saving the day from an unthinkable threat. People can think to themselves “Wow, wouldn't it be something if I could just fly to work or school and save the day at the same time.” The truth is even though comic books are engrained into our society today with all the merchandise, TV shows, and all the movies people still believe them to be a invalid form of literature. Well the fact of the matter is that comic books have deeper meanings and are just as influential and valid as other forms of literature.
Comic books came to be in the 30's and ever since then they have taken the world by storm. Since the debut of Superman people have been reading about every different genre in literature through a comic book. They have spawned generations of readers from children to young adults. They are American icons and people proudly support them.
People believe though that comic books lack the true components that a book has to be consider a viable piece of literature. Some critics say that they are just entertainment, and don't hold any real value. They are just disposable entertainment that people read to their kids or just to past time like a TV show. Comic books don't have all the criteria to be consider a real piece of literature like other works of art.
Today people are finding new ways to use comic books as educational purposes and as guidelines for classes. The fact that comic books are original and unexpected show the creativity behind them and their well written plots show the time and effort put into them. They are...

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