Essay on Is Bullying Effecting The Twenty First Century?

Essay on Is Bullying Effecting The Twenty First Century?

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Is Bullying Effecting the Twenty-First Century?
Bullying is now considered a prevalent and often a neglected problem in schools and communities both within and outside the United States amongest teens and adolescents. That beind said, bullying has effected success in the twenty-first century. While most people might think that bullying starts by the middle school and high school years, studies have reported peer victimization starts by “children as young as kindergartenerners” (Kochen, Clerfer, and Ladd, 1996). The degree to which bullying has progressed to raises many questions to concerned parents, community activist and consulers engaged with the youth such as; why the act of bullying occurs so often in a humane enviorment; why is peer acceptance more difficult than peer victimization; is bullying based on internal/external affecct? The many areas to focus on within an individual such as attitudes, pesonalities, nature, and values. When it is all said and done, “ There are no simple explanations for bullying; rather, it is a complex phenomenon with many casual factors and consequences” (Bhukhanwala, 2014).
When something takes a different turn in development and goes wrong it is presume that bullying will encounter at any given time as time will pass. Escalated bullying can and could eventually lead into incredibly serious forms of antisocial behaviors for victims. On the other hand, one thing all attackers have in common are they all enjoy overpower others and are exceedingly aggressive and destructive.
What is Bullying
Bullying is “behaviour by an individual or group, usually repeated over time, that intentionally hurts another individual or group either physically or emotionally” (ACE Ed., 2014). The behavior of...

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...lying happen at school at least once a day” (, 2014) But overall the rates of bullying has excessivley affected children that attend school or any community that deals with their overall educational experience – our future. There are many ways that we can deal with things and ignoring is just not the answer. When we ignore or push thing off to the side, we suffer. And studies and research has shown where we have suffered and how the children are still suffering to this day as we speak. But why are we so afraid to speak up for what is right?
Most of the time, the first view we tend to see when we decided to act on something is a negative outcome. Not all things will turn out negative but at the same time, we won’t know until we try. Intervention leads to prevention. Again, we want to rise and continuee to aim and reach for higher and higher.

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