Essay on Is Bullying A Horrible Thing For Kids?

Essay on Is Bullying A Horrible Thing For Kids?

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Weather verbally or physically, being bullied is a horrible thing for kids to go through. In the past, we have seen a great amount of children take their own lives due to the abuse. The approach schools are taking on bullies is not enough, and being bullied is not treated as something of great seriousness. We often hear the media and school personnel talk about this issue, but clearly, the approach taken is ineffective. Ignoring the bullies, brushing off their comments and thinking they are just kids being kids will not stop bullying at schools. Starting from the principal down the chain, they need to see bullying as a major issue facing our kids’ lives and take steps to end it.
Suicide is the third leading cause of death among kids and teens. Kids who are victims of bullies are 2 to 9 times more likely to commit suicide than those who are not. Currently, about 160,000 kids, stay home every day because of fear of being bullied. The story of Hailee Lamberth is a clear example why ignoring bulling is not the solution. Hailee was bullied for months before taking her own life; however, her parents didn’t know about what their daughter was going through. The school had known about the issue for months and never informed Hailee’s parents, even though they were legally obligated to. The 13 year old was a straight A student. The school is currently being sued by the victim’s parents.
Another highly publicized case was that of Phebe Prince, a 15 year old who was constantly bullied. In this case, the school’s principal was also aware of the situation, but because there were no laws being broken, she did not address the issue. Horrible rumors were spread about the victim by two boys and four girls. After being insulted, humiliated and ha...

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...e not being proactive, and with so many lives already lost, it is time to do something to end bulling. There are currently no laws in place to punish bullies. Moreover, schools’ principals and teachers do not know how to deal with this issue. Kids all across America are being bullied every day suffering of depression, anxiety and sometimes taking the problem to the extreme and ending their lives. We need to train teachers and principals to detect, stop and punish bullies. After they receive the training, they should be required to use it and have a zero tolerance policy in place. Kids should be focus on math, science or reading while at school rather than trying to avoid a classmate so they are not being bullied. Telling our kids not to pay attention to bullies or to pretend they do not hear them won’t stop the problem. Educating the educators may be our only chance.

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