Is Bullying A Bully? Essay

Is Bullying A Bully? Essay

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Have you ever tried to make someone cry or become afraid of you? How do you feel when you know that someone is afraid of you? Hurting individuals physically and emotionally is what a bully feed off of. A bully has some characteristics of things like they lack empathy and concern for others. They are also hot-tempered, have underdeveloped social skills, torn or dirty clothing’s, and sometimes might carry a weapon. In the movies a bully is portrayed as a person who is bigger, stronger, and tend to target someone much smaller or different than them. Bullying can be verbal, physical, or written harassment. Being bully could happen to anyone, anywhere, in your community and school. Bullies show aggression and make threats to gain dominance over their peers. Youngsters who do not defend themselves or seek assistances are also preyed on. The things that makes-up a bully is intimidation, humiliation, and domination.
Firstly, bullies come in all shapes and size usually they are larger, but sometimes they can be small. A bully may be an athlete, not popular, and can be a boy or a girl. I said that intimidation makes up a bully. Intimidating behavior includes, verbally abusing when yelling, screaming, putting the person down, and ridiculing them in front of others. When teens bully someone, their goal is to intimidate their victims into feeling fear and ashamed. Some might believe that bullies learn to intimidate others or act out because of what is going on in their home, parents getting a divorce, or a close family member is abusing drugs. Another reason for a bully to intimidate someone is they lack emotional support and witness domestic violence. For instance, growing up a child will always mimic the behavior of their parents, wantin...

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...trol because he or she did not get enough attention from their parents or feel less worthy. That is why bullies have this desire for power, which makes them impulsive, hot-headed, and able to subdue others.
In conclusion, if you are being bullied tell someone or stand up for yourself. People who are bullied will suffer from low self-esteem, anxiety, and might even think of committing suicide to escape from the continuing harassment. I came across an article that said that people that are being bullied are classified as passive or proactive. Passive victims are individuals who did nothing to provoke the bully, but on the other hand a proactive is a youngster who is socially unskilled who irritate other children. Bulling is happening in our society and need to be monitored very carefully. The things that makes-up a bully is intimidation, humiliation, and domination.

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