Is Building A Compost Pile? Essay

Is Building A Compost Pile? Essay

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It is extremely important that students become accustomed to working in nature and learning to become part of a global community. Building a compost pile is an effective way to ensure this because it is easy to build and can serve a lasting purpose in the school or local community and promote a better community environment (Ritcher). Numerous sources corroborate the importance of children’s exposure to nature and that a group composting project or field trip will provide these unique opportunities to an elementary school classroom community.

The primary problem is simply a lack of contact with nature is the bombardment of indoor and electronic devices which permeate a child’s life. According to the article by Larson, Interest in other activities such as listening to music, art, or reading (57.0%), watching TV, DVDs, or playing video games (48.1%), and using electronic media including internet and texting (47.8%) were the most common reasons for not spending time outside. It is suggested that playing or hanging out, physical activities, and technology-centered activities are more popular than nature-based activities (Larson, 2011). Even in school, children are limited in the amount and quality of outdoor play, often in the name of “safety” or improving test scores.

This fear of children being injured outdoors is ubiquitous among “helicopter” parents and school administrators, who often limit the amount of time children spend outside in the vain of “being safe” (Louv, 2006). Among other things, the composting curriculum will do more than just teacher environmentally conscious behaviors, but also safety conscious ones, such as washing or sanitizing ones hands after dealing with the organic detritus or compost itself. This parent...

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...sly and leave their comfort zone, while participating in a new activity in a new environment; Compared with exercising adults, children at play have more spontaneity and less interest in sustaining a single activity. These differences may result from differing needs of the developing brain to provide itself, through activity, with a pattern of varied stimulation from the environment that subserves its own optimal development (Burdette, 2005).

It is evident that there are numerous academic opinions that justify the need for interactive, hands on contact with nature from a young age. This is critical for a child’s emotional, psychological and civic development. Teaching a critical skill like gardening or composting will act to improve the child’s growth and development while teaching important skills which are critical for the betterment of an entire local community.

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