Is Black History Month Being Honored Correctly

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In the month of February, African Americans have the privilege to reminisce and honor the people that stood up for the rights and citizenship for black people. Some people take it as a time to condemn all Caucasians for the harsh treatment the African Americans received on the road to success. I am satisfied with the African American race for constantly instilling the people with information about how they had to fight for freedom, but should that be all they discuss during Black History Month? Many argue that the Caucasians should feel bad and go into hiding during Black History Month because of what their ancestors did and only talk about how they enslaved the black people and didn’t consider them as humans. I disagree, in order to fully understand black history, one must educate people on all aspects of black history. Every year for Black History Month, the main names you hear are Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, and Sojourner Truth. All of these people played a major role in black history but they are all connected to slavery. Should slavery be the chief topic during the black celebration.? Slavery should only be discussed at a minimum during Black History Month; African Americans only talk about what the “white man” did to slaves. What about how the Africans enslaved themselves? True enough, the Europeans approached the Africans with capturing their own people and trading them for weapons, but they listened and participated in the scandal now they want to complain and place liability on “the white man” for their downfall. Others refute that slavery should be discussed heavily not only during Black History Month but at any time and day. When slavery approaches the table eyes widen and mouths close. Few Caucasians try to j... ... middle of paper ... ...their roots and where they came from. African Americans knowing their roots is not all bitter and unhappiness. There are many great fortunes that African Americans experienced before and after slavery. Knowing your roots does not only mean knowing the trials and tribulations that the black people had to crawl through. As an African American, I am delighted to see my history acknowledged but when information is not being broaden and explained correctly people are still left ignorant. If Black History Month is going to be celebrated, then present it the right way. It doesn’t have to always be about killing, depression, and what occurred fifty years ago. African Americans should continue to update their presentations on black achievements every year. Something fresh and new needs to be displayed instead of the same people and situations year after year.

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