Is Beauty A Self For Beauty As The People? Essay examples

Is Beauty A Self For Beauty As The People? Essay examples

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Throughout the course of history, humans, mostly women, have gone to extreme lengths to make their body the perfect idea of beautiful. With the most early known form of cosmetic surgery dated back to 2000 BC, people have always tried to make their bodys better and more beautiful (Salcido, 2010). Today we may look at these practices as barbaric when in reality we have own own equally disturbing version. With 15 million people going under the knife in 2014, our society today is still striving for beauty as the people did in 2000 BC (ASPS, 2014). However, beauty is a highly subjective term and is ever changing. This then forces us to take a step back and wonder, what are the causes of making people feel so uncomfortable in their own skin that the feel the only option is to go under the surgeon 's knife? In a society such as the one of the United States, it is said to look highly on individualism and making yourself happy, yet it seems to contradict itself by telling its members to change how they look, to take away a piece of themselves to look how society tells them too.

A “Why I Did It” survey was conducted to find what women had to say in regards of getting plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons. While many answers were just as they were expected to be, some were quite shocking. Gracing the list at number two was the explanation of our society still doesn’t fail to make someone feel so bad in their own skin that they think they “Wanting to look like a beauty, not a beast.” (Top Ten Reasons, 2013) Personally, I think this is the saddest one on the entire list of top ten. It is so sad that in this new age that we live in today, have to get a surgery in order to find acceptance. These women are going into surgery, which can a...

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...beautiful in their own skin as if they would they could be jeopardizing a billion dollar industry. While plastic surgery can be beneficial for reconstructive surgeries after accidents, another part of people getting surgeries is to improve their physical appearance to get a sort of validation from the society in which we live. So, in conclusion, the main cause of plastic surgery is society and people trying desperately to to belong in any way the can, even if that means paying thousands of dollars to finally get that lip filler they wanted or their cheekbones shaved to reach that level of Kim Kardashian contour. The main impact of plastic surgery then would be losing our sense of individuality. If everyone is society is going in to get a little work done, eventually all the little tweaks in one 's image, it will all begin to melt together until we all look the same.

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