Is Batman Ethical Or Unethical?

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Is Batman ethical or unethical? That depends on what book, movie, or cartoon that you watch; Batman is a character that is depicted in many different ways depending on the author. Frank Miller’s, The Dark Knight Returns is a darker view of Batman. Batman makes some different ethical decisions in this comic book that an avid Batman reader would be surprised by. Miller shows a new side of Batman and opens reader’s eyes to unethically handled situations by Batman. However, over all Batman is ethical in his actions and intentions. Batman is a vigilante however he protects Gotham City and when Batman is hiding Gotham is over run with criminals and the city doesn’t feel safe without the protection that Batman gives them. Batman follows the ideas of the ethical theories but there are situations in The Dark Knight Returns, that a reader could confuse his actions to be unethical. By understanding the different ethical theories before reading the comic, I was able to notice different situations through out where Batman chose to be virtuous or where he fell to vice. The theories are important to fully understand if Batman is ethical or not. Utilitarian theory, deontology theory and virtue ethical theory are all defined differently but relate when related to ethics. A Utilitarian seeks to perform actions that will reduce suffering but maximize happiness. This is a hard concept for batman but a lot of his actions do identify with the utilitarian theory. A Deontologist relies on principles and these principles are rules based on ethical behaviors that are requires to be followed, regardless of the situation. These principles are very strict and allow no flexibility, Batman follows the principle, do not kill, regardless of the situation like a... ... middle of paper ... ...ery extreme and surprising to many he still perceives Batman to his audience as Ethical. Overall Batman is helping the the innocent citizens in Gotham City by protecting them and lowering the crime rates that arose while he was gone. He is helping many people by removing the criminals from the streets even if some of his ways of doing so may be seen as vicious. He is able to get the job done that the police officers are unable to get control of and he is able to remove many criminals from the streets of Gotham. Batman is ethical and he is very important to Gotham, without his return Gotham would be overrun with criminals that could eventually take over. Although he does not kill he is able to take back control of Gotham like he never left. Batman is a hero who has the the entire city on his mind while fighting crime and doing the thing he does best, protect people.

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