Essay about Is Banksy Art Work?

Essay about Is Banksy Art Work?

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After watching the Documentary Exit through the Gift Shop, I decided to choose one of Banksy Art work. I choice to write about Banksy Art work because his street art has meaning behind every piece he creates. The art piece that I decided to talk about is the girl with the balloon by Banksy. This piece was discovered in the year 2002 in a South Bank London wall. This art piece stood up to me because this is not just a girl who lost a balloon. This art piece to me sends a message of hope. If you take a good look at the piece the only thing that has color is the heart shape balloon, while the girl reaching out for it is in black spray paint. This art piece send a message saying that we should not loose hope, that even in times of sadness and despair you should not loose hope.
The title that Banksy uses “ There will be Hope,” to me means that people should not loose their confidence in others. Even if you feel like everything is a mess around you and there is no one around you to comfort you, this piece of art gives someone the hope that everything will turn out to be okay. A small piece of hope is everything a person needs to make them feel better and not loose their hope for humanity. I believe that by Banksy naming the piece of art there will be hope the point of view he is trying to send is that even though our world is not perfect and is full of suffering and corruption we should not loose hope that one day everything will change.
The piece of art that Banksy called there will be hope was made in the South Bank of a London wall with a stencil and spray paint. In this piece there is a little girl that is painted in black spray paint reaching out for a red-hearted balloon. This piece of art also comes with a message that says, “...

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...y have a chance of seeing something so powerful created by a street artist who is trying to make others believe that our society still has a chance of changing things around. We should never loose hope because there is always a solution to our problems.
After fully analyzing this piece of art I fell much better about my low confidence towards the world we live in. Banksy’s artwork has inspired me and many others to believe that there is always hope and if we have a positive attitude everything will turn out to be okay. I also believe that this piece of art is one of the most important work of art that Banksy has created because many people can relate and express themselves by just looking at something so powerful. I also believe that this piece of art will later on need further studying because as our world changes the interpretation of this art piece will change.

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