Essay on Is Audie Murphy Middle School Principle?

Essay on Is Audie Murphy Middle School Principle?

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The school that I am conducting my student teaching is Audie Murphy Middle School. This school is small and located on Fort Hood military instillation. The school has less than 500 students and is recognized as meeting standards by the state of Texas. The teachers, from my observation are highly qualified teachers and truly know their content areas. You can tell the administration is motivated and satisfied with their jobs. When walking into Audie Murphy you feel a sense of belonging and can see that everyone enjoys each other’s company and presents. The academic goals of the school are clear, and the teacher follow these guidelines, so that they can all succeed as a whole academic body. The true driving force of the success of the school is the school principle. He is the captain of the ship and steers it in the direction of success, but like all leaders he is only as strong as his weakest link. That why he must constantly be grounded into his school and keep a high rapport with his teachers. All these connections will allow him the ability to manage and know his employers and if they are maintaining the standards.

The principle of my school is Mr. Mike Quinn. He is one of the most humble and down to earth principle that I have ever encountered. Mr. Quinn is a ex veteran who left the military to become a teacher. He has taught high school for fourteen years and has worked in administration for seven. When he enters the school he focuses on establishing relationships with other admin, teachers, and students. He is easy to approach and receptive to others feelings and thoughts.

This is why he is the principle I have chosen to interview. I walked into Mr. Quinn’s office and notice the professional décor he has ...

... middle of paper ...

...e. As for irrational parents, he said they usually need to be heard, and they are usually going through hard times. These hard times are mostly due to deployed parents or relationship problems in the home. He said the main question you ask the parent is, “What do you like me to do?” This question usually throws the parent off, and they tend to calm down and become rational to the situation.

This interview concluded with a firm handshake, and the knowledge of what a true leader is and how one acts. There is no doubt that Mr. Quinn is a great Principle, Leader, Parent, and Friend. He would go the extra mile for any members of his school and yet keep those members in check. I know for a fact this is my leading style and I have the same attitude when it comes to taking care of your subordinates. I guess this trait is what the Army instils in us and cannot be changed.

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