Essay about Is Artificial Intelligence Really Intelligent?

Essay about Is Artificial Intelligence Really Intelligent?

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Artificial intelligence, first developed in 1950s, is defined to be man-made stuff with high-level intelligence. Recently, people in the present day thought about using robots for advanced tasks, like driving from point A to point B, and make decisions during a financial crisis. However, in the present day, they lack the ability to solve problems and reason.
At the present day, the skills computers have doubts the ability to develop long-term strategies to complete tasks. At a freestyle chess match, a match where a computer and a human faces another human-computer team, Garry Kasparov reported that “his machine partner possessed greater ‘tactical acuity,’ but he possessed greater ‘strategic guidance’” (Brooks). That is reasonably true, as “a computer can calculate a zillion options, move by move, but a human can provide an overall sense of direction and conceptual time frame” (Brooks). Without strategic guidance and no direction, computers will struggle with some difficult situations, as every situation is very different, and some of the choices they make are detrimental to humankind. Computers currently have the ability to store many different kinds of algorithms, but when it is time use them, they are completely useless (Hardwidge). Just having fancy equations is not enough for twenty-first century demands; the need to apply them for practical scenarios are more important.
Artificial Intelligence lacks the ability to make the correct decisions during life-or-death situations. Another important aspect of the 21st century involves the ability for inductive bias, which is defined as learning from surroundings. Computers these days lack that (Sotala). Eliezer Yudkowsky supports this statement with “the AI does not hate you, nor do...

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