Is Art Vital For The Educational Process Today? Essay

Is Art Vital For The Educational Process Today? Essay

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When is Art vital in the educational process today? Friedrich Frobel, a German educator, felt that his work was to encourage children to learn and discover the world around them through play and creative self-activity. It is these very beliefs that created an environment for learning far from the school room rote memorization that was so popular at the time. Frobel established a wonderful world of exploration and called it Kindergarten. The philosophy of Frobel influenced contemporary art education in plentiful ways. (Horak, 2013)
Due to the influence of Frobel, students now learn by creating. Art is a form of self-expression, creativity and communication that is a language of its own. Art for art’s sake represents a job well done, work that is completed to the best of each student’s ability. It allows for personal fulfillment.
As the United States shifts quite heavily to reading and math with common core standards, what of the arts? Art is not a luxury to be cast aside for the emphasis of checking a common core curriculum block. The developmental processes associated with art are vast. All young children must focus on fine motor skills to be able to use scissors and write. Art encourages the developmental milestones of drawing circles or using safety scissors at age three as well as drawing squares or cutting straight lines by age 4. Children in Early Childhood Ed programs use language to discuss color, shapes, and size, expanding vocabulary by using descriptive phrases. Art Education fortifies critical thinking skills as well as problem-solving skills. The necessity of learning spatial relations in tasks as simple as threading beads are more important than ever.

Often we are asked to consider the...

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... sent home with children to share the art experience with their families. (Fox, 2015) The goal for these backpacks are to foster creativity and interaction within the family structure.
Adaptations for art activities where a student is visually impaired or physically disabled are easily handled. Many forms of artistic expression allow for materials that are full of texture and have dimensional aspects. Utilizing peer mentors during art, allows for visually impaired students to explore artistic materials with the aide of another student. The peer mentor may articulate information about the medium to the visually impaired student as well as assist in a hand over hand methodology so that both students have an understanding of the medium used. Physically impaired students may also use a peer mentor system to assist them in understanding of the art forms addressed.

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