Is Art A World Without Change, Creativity, Or Incentive For Improvement?

Is Art A World Without Change, Creativity, Or Incentive For Improvement?

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William Pollard once said “without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable”. In a world without change and innovation there is no creativity or incentives to improve, the world becomes dark and undesirable. There is no better beauty than that of inspiring others to do things that make them and others happy. Creativity just like anything in the world can be seen as something subjective. With the same argument oh it 's in the eye of the beholder and only they can understand. We have people in our history who will argue till the end of time like Plato that some of our very exciting works as poets and artist should not be given rights like every other human because they see the world differently from then own. Professor Pumphrey provided a lecture on the different ways that art is thought, while thomas cowell explained the works of copyright. In a world where things are constantly changing and evolving people must open their mind to the creativeness and uniqueness of the ideas of others.
Plato’s ninth book of The Republic, plato discusses the way he sees the different types of people. He states that all humans can fall into one of three categories truth-loving, honor-loving and profit-loving. As throughout the majority of The Republic plato explains why he comes up with so many strong theories and categories. Just like in the rest of the republic there is one category that is better than the rest and only philosophers know how to achieve it, Truth- Loving is the greatest pleasure of all because a person who has been able to reach this type of feeling is one takes these values with the greatest pleasure...

... middle of paper ... people for having a different creative view we would probably be living in a world full of wars and hatred. In the current time people are learning to accept the views of others, it is not perfect but least now there is an understanding of what it is like to have an open mind and accept the creativity of others,
In the current society people are constantly changing and evolving. People are now beginning to become more social aware of the difference that exist between them and the rest of society, people are finally opening their mind to the possibility to be wrong or even see things differently. People 's creative eye is becoming more of a socially acceptable thing whereas a few years ago people did not believe in the idea of seeing things different from others. Finally the world is becoming a place where it is society socially accepting the differences of others.

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