Is Apple A Multi Billion Dollar Technology? Essay

Is Apple A Multi Billion Dollar Technology? Essay

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The question most asked by philosophers and people alike is, “What is the meaning of life.” It is rightfully questioned, but ambiguously answered. This is similar to a small child questioning why the sky is blue. Sure there is a scientific explanation, but why blue? Why the color blue is called blue? Those questions are simply answered by, “Because it is.” Of course that can’t be the answer for our quest in life. People everywhere want to be remembered for who they are or something they have done. In that sense, people’s answer to the previous question is to impact society in a way it has never been impacted. Take this for example; Stephen Jobs founded the company called Apple, which is now a multi-billion dollar technology company that impacts society in many ways. Apple came out with the iPod, iPad, iPhone, and iMacs. Everything they create are advanced pieces of technology that aid with people in their everyday lives. This company was the leader in the smart-phone business, and started the several billion industry with the iPhone. In conclusion, Steve Jobs will always be remembered as the man who started Apple or the man who invented the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Not everyone can be remembered for something they have done. There are those who live a very average life, work an average job, and live in an average home. It does not mean they have not lived a meaningful life; in fact an average life may be the most meaningful one you can live. Most of these people who are living at standard are considered to be middle-class. Living a middle-class life can be just as meaningful as living any other class because they impact society, economy, and live a full life at a comfortable level.
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...rates income of about half a million dollars a year, but that same person is so plagued with stressed so much that he or she has problems emotionally with depression or other mental illness. That same person could also possibly have no time for family, friends, or take part in any other activity besides work. On the other hand a person who works an average blue-collar job could have no stress and a comfortable life. All this person has to do is to earn enough money for money, shelter, and retirement. According to the Pew Research center the conditions to be considered middle class includes, “securing a job, having health insurance, owning a home, and having some form of savings.” (Rand 2013) A great middle-class in the United States has been the central source of its wealth and security for many years, and without it America would be in grave danger. (Mitchell 2010)

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