Is Anne The Community Nurse? Not Using Effective Communication While Communicating With The Patient John?

Is Anne The Community Nurse? Not Using Effective Communication While Communicating With The Patient John?

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Anne the community nurse was not using effective communication whilst communicating with the patient John. This was evident throughout the duration of Anne’s conversation with John, as she was asking various questions at one time and did not give him a reasonable time to respond.

A communication issue that has been identified in this scenario is that John has a cognitive impairment and suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, this is causing John to have difficulties with memory and thinking. Anne is not effectively dealing with this situation with the correct communication. Whilst attending to a patient with a cognitive impairment, enough time must be allowed for them to respond, as well as only asking one question at a time, with the use of appropriate language so that the patient can understand for effective communication between the nurse and patient(Berman, Kozier & Erb 2012, p 547). Anne was not actively using these techniques adequately which is essential for John to understand and for Anne to gain as much information as possible about his head injury. Instead Anne’s communication has made John confused and distressed about the situation. Communication is vital to patient care and is very difficult for those with a cognitive impairment, this led to Anne communicating ineffectively with John (Slate 2015).
While on the phone to the ambulance service and handing over to the paramedics, Anne did not effectively hand over the situation in the correct and efficient framework of ISBAR.

In this scenario a communication issue that has been identified is that Anne being a community nurse should have the skills and knowledge of effective patient handover. The technique of ISBAR is a tool that allows a transfer of information effic...

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...s the one locking up the house on behalf of John and his family, she becomes accountable should something go missing. This could lead to her to be wrongly accused if something was stolen or if someone broke into the house. The nurse should not have been the one who was accountable for locking up the house. (Pera & Van Tonder 2009, p.75-77). One of John’s daughters present during the scenario should have locked the house rather than Anne. It is stated in the code of professional conduct for nurses in Australia that, ‘nurses are personally accountable for the provision of safe and competent nursing care’ (Nursing and Midwifery Board, 2013). As a result in Anne locking the premises this instantly creates her to become accountable for damage to the property, if any where to occur. This is the reasoning as to why Anne locking the property would become an ethical issue.

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