Is Animal Testing Right Or Wrong? Essay

Is Animal Testing Right Or Wrong? Essay

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Opinions are a dime a dozen and everyone has one when it comes to the century old issue of animal testing. These tests are used throughout the world for various experiments on animals. Is animal testing right or wrong? There are several pros and cons of animal testing and I will review both sides of this issue. The testing of animals can benefit the human society because the researchers come up with cures for humans from the animal tests. The researchers utilize a variety of methods to do these tests. On the other hand, some animals are being mistreated and are suffering from these tests. The animals are being subjected to pointless tests and they are demeaning to them. Animal testing is a controversial issue with many pros that enhance our lives and many cons that are questionable for animal welfare.
The testing of animals is deemed to be cruel and inhumane because of the way the animals get treated. In the article, “Women Fought for humane treatment of Chicago’s dogs, cats, horses written by Lara Weber describes the conditions of where these animals lived. In a Chicago pound for animals, three hundred dogs cried and were extremely cold from the conditions outside (Weber 1). These animals were in terrible conditions and the city should not be proud of it. Within a couple of days these dogs disappeared from the pound unexpectedly and were loaded onto a Santa Fe railroad heading into Texas (Weber 2). It makes one think, if these animals were stolen for research. Heather Dunnuck’s article, “Save The Animals: Stop Animal Testing” describes what these animals have to endure throughout their life. “The American Veterinary Medical Association” defines pain as an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience perceived as arising from a s...

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...ound twenty- billion aspirin are sold every year. When researching rats with aspirin, it causes birth defects. Another example of this is ibuprofen, which at low doses causes kidney failure in dogs (Fox 4). There are plenty of examples of drugs that cause side effects in animals and not humans. One popular example is Corticosteroids, and in some rodents it causes cancer, but our generation has been using this product for years (Fox 4). Another example is Streptomycin, in the offspring of rats it causes limb malformations (Fox 5). The human population cannot rely on animal tests all the time because of the varying side effects it can have on humans and animals. These tests cannot be fully trusted because of the way they do them and because not all the drugs in animals will react the same way in humans. There are different alternatives instead of doing animal testing.

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