Is Animal Testing Necessary? Essay

Is Animal Testing Necessary? Essay

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Do you think animal testing is necessary? Over 1 million animals are crippled, burned, poisoned and abused in U.S labs every year. Nearly all of these suffering animals are adopted from animal shelters or are stolen. The animals that are commonly adopted and found are cats and dogs which are put through painful, intrusive, and frequently deadly experiments. In these studies, large quantities of toxins are force-fed or infused into their bodies, steadily poisoning them. Animal experimentation appears to be inhumane and cruel.
There are different types of dealing in the U.S. such as class A, class B, and bunching. Some of the animals that laboratories receive are from dealers who pursue in selling them to medical schools and companies that provide animal testing services. Dealers find these animals at auctions, pounds, or do the act of kidnapping and capturing strays. Class A dealers are licensed by the USDA to sell animals that are bred specifically for research. Class B dealers are licensed by the USDA to purchase animals from "random sources." Bunching is illegal pet theft, most likely dogs. These thieves are called "Bunchers."
Tests that are performed on these animals include Eye Irritancy, Acute Toxicity, Repeated Dose Toxicity, Skin Sensitization, Pharmacokinetics/Toxicokinetics and Metabolism, Mutagenicity. In Eye Irritancy a liquid, flake, granule, or powdered substance is dropped into the eyes of rabbits (Draize).They usually receive no type of anesthesia during the tests. After the substance is placed into the rabbits eyes, the laboratory workers record the damage done to the tissue. Reactions to the toxins include swollen eyelids, inflamed irises, ulceration, bleeding, massive deterioration, and blindness. During th...

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...als to contribute statistics that they can operate to guard themselves when they're prosecute by wounded clients-although most courts have controlled that the FDA has declined to display that the outcome of animal experiments can be hypothesized to humans. The exaggeration of animal experiments grants the businesses to lay essentially any brand on the market. If cosmetics or everyday brands animals during experiments, they're most likely still advertised. businesses value the evidence that the outputs have been certified-slightly than the definite conclusion-to back up the case that they're diligent.In better claim, businesses achieve outside of court, suggesting to wage off the wounded client rather than transferring the deception of their experiment methods to light. In most cases, courts have controlled in backing injured patients.Yet, animal tests secure nobody.

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