Essay on Is Andy A High School Drop?

Essay on Is Andy A High School Drop?

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Andy came from a family that didn’t have much. As a child, his parents struggle to find a home and lived in his father’s brother garage. Both his parents are immigrants and didn’t have an education, so they never in courage Andy to do well in school. Years later, his father got a trucking job and made enough to afford a home. Andy is a high school drop. He went homeless for about 8 months because his father kicks him out of his home. Andy wanted to change his life but didn’t know where to start and getting his diploma wasn’t an opinion. He believed that school wasn’t important and a waste of time. As time passed by, he started volunteering to help elderly people, he cleaned, bathe them, feed them, and even dress them. He fell in love with helping people, so he took the hiring position. He was lucky to get a job that requires a high school diploma. The manager seems every intrigued at Andy interview. He took care of a client named William for years. William considered Andy has a son since William didn 't have any family or kids, his wife died of cancer. William convenience Andy to go back to school and get his diploma. William told Andy that he was a very intelligent young man and he would be a great businessman one day. Andy never had someone who pushes him to succeed in life. He took that man 's advice went to school got his diploma, currently attending Cal State Poly. William took Andy under his household and now Andy owns William Caregiving Company. It turns out that William was a client but the owner of the whole company. Andy had an unexpected opportunity and he took advantage of it. His parents didn’t believe he would make it in life. That one person that was first a client and now considered family showed him he had the po...

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...idual considers worthwhile.
Understanding that people have different interpretations of success is overwhelming because a person is brought up to believe that success is education. Realizing that for some success is the gaining of wealth, and while other believes success has more to do with acknowledgment or accomplishments of their goals. The two people who I consider successful both believe that success is doing something joyful and as inspiring others. Many successful people have self-control and adaption. People say without self-control someone would get distract from their goal. When obstacles get tough a person needs to adapt in order to move forward. There are just so many essential and meaning to success. One can just follow their goals to have a successful life. Through time and hard work the individual themselves, would have their own definition of success.

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