The Is An Irreplaceable Organ That Drives The Central Nervous System Essay

The Is An Irreplaceable Organ That Drives The Central Nervous System Essay

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The brain is an irreplaceable organ that drives the central nervous system. It sends signals to our body and helps us regulate body activity. There are many parts of the brain and each has its own unique functions. It does not only send signals out to the body, but also communicates within itself and then sends a signal responding to a stimulus. It comprises four lobes, three regions, two hemispheres, and other distinguishing features. Nevertheless, putting harmful substances in your body may cause irreparable damage.
The Nervous System is a network of cells that collects information about the organism’s internal and external environments, processes that information, and sends signal to effectors, muscles, and glands that are capable of responding to the information. It contains three important functions: receiving input from the environment, processing that information, and responding to the environment. The building block of a nervous system is neurons. They carry electrical signals and contain the dendrites, cell body and axon. Dendrite senses stimulation from the environment and sends that signal to the cell body, which contains the nucleus. The axon is a tube that is extended from the cell body and transmits the signal to other neurons or cells. Glial cells are located on the axon and act as a support system for neurons, and protect or nourish neurons.
When dendrites receive external stimuli, protein receptors bind on the cell membrane, regulating the opening of channels. After the channels open, positive ions rush into the neuron, removing negative ions and replacing it with positive ones. This triggers the neuron to fire and initiating and action potential. Within the axon is myelin sheath, which prevents the action...

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...and it wont stop. Researchers have come to believe that one of the reasons for addiction is the “dopamine hypothesis”. An individual’s body craves to remain in that happy state. If the drug implicates serotonin, then it will cause an action potential when it is not supposed to. The reason why there is no action potential when serotonin binds to the receptor, is so our body can calm down and rest. Unfortunately, these drugs can affect your sleep drastically.
The brain is organized into many unique structures and functions. It drives the central nervous system and is considered as the control center for various activities. Although the myelin sheath can protect four neurons and action potential, drugs can harm your body my imitating neurotransmitters. It may affect your ability to learn, motor activity, your mood and sleep. Be careful what you put in your body.

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