The Is An Invention That Has Revolutionized The World Essay

The Is An Invention That Has Revolutionized The World Essay

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The television is an invention that has revolutionized the world in a myriad of ways. Given that it has such a huge impact on everyday life currently, it is easy to forget that the mass production of this household staple is a relatively new thing. Before the 1950’s, mass production numbers were in the mere thousands; after 1998, 98% of homes in the United States owned a television set (see “history of television”). With this new source of technology, there came many concerns about the negative effects it had on people, who watched it regularly. A few of the concerns were: the consumer’s health - many people were becoming lazy, which caused obesity rates in America to increase; the consumer 's behaviors - studies have shown that children actions are predominantly influenced by what they observe on TV; and the consumer’s education - researchers have compared current student’s test scores to past student’s test scores, and concluded the difference in scores are caused by the invention of technology. However, despite the many negative effects television had on people, television is a valuable resource in improving society. The invention of television plays an significant role for education, information, and entertainment for individuals.
As mentioned in the introductory paragraph, television is instrumental for educational purposes. For many years television have been taken advantage in educating people from different ages. In the early years of child development, when information absorption is at it’s highest peak, TV networks such as PBS kids, Nick Jr, and Sprout are essential to teaching toddlers basic skills, such as counting, manners, . Toddlers would observe their favorite characters and reenact their actions/behaviors. Allo...

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...t hard to make at all. Entertainment provided by television also brings people together in an era divided by social media. A prime example of this is the Super Bowl. There are parties centered around watching television and spending time with friends and family. Social gatherings are invaluable as we are a social species by nature.
Furthermore, television is an easy-accessed gate in receiving knowledge, news, and amusement, considering that most Americans have a television set at home. Making sure that practical applications of sources are the key to determining if it will be used for positive or negative uses. If used properly, television can do more than just informing people about new trends. It can do more than assist children to learn. It has the ability to do more than tell people who will be the next successor in a political office; it can save lives.

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