The Is An Empty Desk A Sign? Essay

The Is An Empty Desk A Sign? Essay

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Albert Einstein once said, “if a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” Einstein was suggesting something against our social convention, as we all know that the majority of our peers and colleagues judge us partly based on how organized our desks are. Coincidentally, David Freeman also argues that messy people are more productive than neat people. In daily life, those with an extremely messy desk are considered to be careless and undisciplined. In order to increase study or work efficiency and productivity, our parents, teachers and supervisors all tell us to clean up our desks so that we can be more concentrated at work and thus more efficient. Almost all parents train their young children to clean up the toys and make their beds starting at a young age, hoping that their children will build up good organizational habits. Indeed, most people associate messiness with negative qualities and failure while being neat and tidy is considered as the stepping stone to success. Many messy people even feel shameful about their workspace. Nevertheless, messiness does not necessarily equate to disorganization; more importantly, as Freeman indicates, a messy desk can in fact magically boost productivity and inspire more creativity and better problem solving.
In contrast with conventional wisdom, a messy person can be highly organized in his own way. Although those with a neat and tidy desk are normally considered to be organized, the truth is that people should not be judged solely by the state of their desks. It is the function of the desk and one’s productivity that count. As long as one can naturally and effectively perform, it does not really matter whether the desk is messy or clean. More ...

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...tional reasoning. What’s more, the creative process is messy by nature. The artists can never paint pictures without making a mess. My desk became messier when I was working on my senior thesis with my laptop, drafts, cup of coffee and several different books for consultation. However, I developed excellent thesis and finish my paper ahead of time. Indeed, many of the great ideas are the results of innovative brainstorming, which can be unexpectedly promoted by a messy environment with things located at unconventional places.
Based on my personal experience and daily observation, a neat desk or a tidy environment does not necessarily represent an organized system, and it encourages people to play safe with convention approaches. Conversely, a messy desk or environment can be a highly organized mechanism that helps to increase productivity and to inspire innovation.

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