The Is An Amazing Diet That Will Help Your Body Prosper Essays

The Is An Amazing Diet That Will Help Your Body Prosper Essays

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American’s want the cheap and easy way out, we want what is comforting. To the typical American comfort is the huge tub of ice cream that will always be there when going through a rough time. Comfort is the salty yellow French fries that crunch with every last bite. Comfort is the cheap pizza that will always be there after a long, busy day. But will the ice cream be comfort when your arteries have clogged? Will the salty French fries be there for you when you have a heart attack at 40? Will the pizza hold your hand as you climb into your casket? Think about the choices you are making. Is that really comfort? Eat what is whole and comforting to your body. Think about choices that will help your body prosper. Veganism is an amazing diet that will be true comfort to you. It is an all-natural, low fat, vitamin filled, and cheap diet, that will make you feel and look healthy. Elizabeth Poskitt, who has over forty years ' experience practicing and teaching pediatric nutrition, explains “vegans are total vegetarians that avoid all dairy products and eggs as well as meat, fish, and poultry” (172). The vegan diet is the best choice for everyone.
Eating vegan will insure that your food is wholesome and will lengthen your life. Do you know what is in your food? The average person doesn’t know how to even pronounce most of the ingredients on the food package, let alone know what they are. The American way is cheap and easy. People are always looking for the fast way out and the best bang for their buck. That being said fast food places such as McDonalds are easy go to dinner. Not only does meat have more negatives than positives as it affects your diet, meats purchased at fast food industries are not quality. According to A. Hope Jahren, an ...

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...cessed carbs are stated by R.W.D.. Turner, a physician, cardiologist and author, to be a concentrated form of empty calories, which vegans are free from (613). Eat all you want when eating vegan, nothing can hurt you.
Veganism can be a scary thought for Americans, who like the good old comfort food. However, eating vegan will help you feel healthy, look healthy, and reduces the risk of disease and even death. Don’t settle for the cheap processed meats. This plant based diet will give you ample vitamins and minerals and has no down side. People always say if it’s too good to be true it probably is. This is the one time to stop listening to those people, because this is not a marketing scam or a rip off. Veganism is truly the best diet for you, your family, your friends, everyone. Start looking healthy, thinking healthy and feeling healthy, follow the vegan diet.

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