Is Abortion A Problem? Essay

Is Abortion A Problem? Essay

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Keirstyn Liddle
CCC Argument Paper
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Every day women throughout the United States, and the world as a whole, discover that they are pregnant. Nearly half of these women’s pregnancies are unintended. When they find out that they are pregnant they have three options: continue through the pregnancy and keep the baby, continue with the pregnancy and then put him or her up for adoption or abort the pregnancy. Unfortunately, many choose to abort the baby due to many different factors such as financial issues, one-night stands, young age or even because they simply do not want a baby or are not ready to have one. Approximately 40 percent of all unplanned pregnancies end in abortion. This means that every four in ten women who find out they are pregnant unintentionally decide to not continue with the pregnancy. This equates to four out of every ten potential children being killed and not having a chance at a precious life(Abortions). Although many abortions occur each day, not everyone believes that abortion is really a problem. Truthfully, it is just like murder. Just as the country needs to limit the crime rate, the rate at which abortions take place need to be reduced as well. Greater access to contraceptives such as birth control for all women with a larger emphasis on teenage girls will amount in a decrease in unplanned pregnancies, leading to less abortions.
Other alternatives to limiting the amount of abortions have been researched. Studies on sexual education, such as abstinence programs, have actually shown no positive changes among teenagers ages 15-19. States that provide abstinence-only sexual education courses often discourage the use of contraceptives, putting teenage girls at a higher risk of pregnancy if th...

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... has said practically this same thing. The only way to limit abortions is to help these women by making birth control accessible to all, at a low cost.
While pregnancy rates lowered from 158.5 to 41.6 out of every thousand, abortion rates dropped from nearly 34 out of every 1,000 to 9.7 out of every 1,000 during a study that gave out free birth control to women. This study clearly helps to demonstrate the positive effect that birth control has on the abortion rates throughout the United States. In order to lessen the number of abortions, particularly in the United States where many studies have taken place, free contraceptives need to be provided to those who ask for it. With this great step forward, the amount of abortions that take place each day will greatly drop. Abortion will never truly be defeated as a whole, but it can most definitely be reduced(Cohn).

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