Is Abortion A Needed Medical Procedure? Essay

Is Abortion A Needed Medical Procedure? Essay

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Motherhood is something in American life that has been an important concept for everyone, and both the "Pro-choice", supporters of woman 's rights to choose, and the "Pro-life", anti-abortionists, have looked at each other as damaging the foundations of the mother-infant tie. When going into detail about what each supporter believes in, the pro-choice supporter has the right intention for both the mother and the child. Women should have the right to make the decision for their own body, and there are even certain cases where abortion is needed like rape, children too young to give birth, or if the pregnancy negatively effects the babies health. Criminalizing abortion does not save babies it kills mothers emotionally and even physically. Abortion is a needed medical procedure that has been proven time and again to be good for society, families and women- it is every person 's fundamental right to be in control of their own body and the functions that it accomplishes, and pregnancy is one of the most life changing- no one can be forced to use their body to support another 's life, so abortion must remain legal.
Consider what making abortion illegal would do for human life; not the lives of the embryos or fetus, but the lives of the living women who are carrying the child. This would mean taking women’s rights away and forcing them to bear a child that they never wanted to have in the first place. The choice to terminate the pregnancy could have been because of rape, contraceptive failure, the father has abandoned her, the fetus was malformed, money issues, or maybe the women’s womb couldn’t bear to give birth without the cause of death. They are being forced to take the uncontrollable bearing of an unwanted pregnancy that could des...

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...resources to resemble a comfortable life. In the past, many mistakes were made, and now another person who has no choice in the matter, has to suffer because of those choices. This wouldn’t be the case if only the mother had the choice to have an abortion. Currently, abortion is a choice women can make legally. If abortion became an illegal act, a new baby would come into its new life only knowing life as a means of suffering. Considering this circumstance, God gave us the freedom of choice and if he gives us this freedom why take it away from women. It is a personal choice based on a woman’s background and what they believe in. Why should we decide whether or not they can make the choice for themselves. It is not murder, un moral, or unfair. There is always a reason for everything and we should not question the choices of other people; it is not our place to do so.

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