Is Abortion A Big Talking Point? Essay example

Is Abortion A Big Talking Point? Essay example

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There are tons upon tons of babies born every day. Among those babies there is bound to be some suffering from birth defects. Things such as severe genetic abnormalities or exposure to environmental toxins. These things can come from parents abusing drugs or alcohol while pregnant. The people involved need to take more responsibility to make sure these things don’t happen during pregnancy. As it stands though these things do happen. When they happen people have to make the choice if they will keep or abort the baby due to these genetic abnormalities or problems because of environmental toxins.

Now the act of abortion is a big talking point in the world. Some people are for it and some people are against it. It is very irresponsible of people to get pregnant than abuse and perhaps hurt the baby by taking drugs, drinking, or abusing their bodies in anyway during this period. There is a bit more of an understanding of this if you get pregnant by accident. As soon as you learn of your pregnancy you should get off whatever harmful substances you are on. Not only for the babies sake but for your sake as well. In the issue of dealing with babies with birth defects you have decisions to make on if you wish to have the baby. You could have the baby and raise it. You could abort the baby. You could also have the baby and give it up for adoption. Raising a child is hard enough the parents have to decide if they are willing to take on the added challenges of dealing with a child with birth defects.

In our current society a lot of doctors are unprepared to talk about toxic exposures with pregnant women. Dr. Mercola (2014) stated that in a survey of over 2,500 obstetricians 78 percent said they could reduce the risk of exposure ...

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.... This act is insane to me and I can’t believe it was ever passed. It seems pretty obvious to me that we should test chemicals for safety before we put them on the market. We should do this for a number of reasons. One of the more important being the health of pregnant women and their babies.

In Conclusion, Tons upon tons of babies are born every day. A lot of these babies are born with birth defects caused by exposure to environmental toxins and severe genetic abnormalities. Parents have to decide if they wish to on these extra challenges that come with an already challenging task of raising children of if they wish to abort their child. I don’t believe we should force them to choose either way. The decision should be left up to them and what they feel is right or wrong. Whatever they chose they will have to deal with that decision for the rest of their lives.

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