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The Is A Way Of Betting Essay

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This technique has many names, and is often called a system, when in fact it is simply a clever way of betting. Firstly, here are a few warnings about the system:

1 - It works every time and you win every time
However, the returns are very low

2 - This is the system that many paid betting systems offer
Here you get it for free

3 - Some players have had accounts frozen for doing this
Try it but try not to be prolific

4 - If you do not understand the bet or odds, then you can lose
Take the time to learn how your bet works and how odds work

5 - It takes a lot of research, timing and luck
You are making money, so you have to work for it

The idea is that you find occasions where the bookies disagree on which team is going to win. For example, in the image below you can see how the bookies differed on opinion during the 2004 and 2008 FiFa cups.

INSERT IMAGE - Historical Bookmaker Odds

If bookies disagree on odds and disagree on which team is going to win, then you can place a bet with both and still come out a winner…or can you?

Your first instinct may be to bet on the favorite on both websites. For example, if Team A is the favorite on one website, and Team B is the favorite on the other, then surely betting on the favorites means you will definitely win…right?

You will certainly win one of the bets, but you will not make enough money to cover both bets. If you are lucky enough to find two bookies that disagree on which team will win, you need to bet on the outsider on both gambling websites. If you do this, you increase your chances of winning your money back with some profit. Remember these few facts:

1 - Check the odds to be sure you are going to win back enough money to cover both bets and make some pr...

... middle of paper ...

...r the punters are low enough so that the bookies consider it to be an acceptable loss
+ Bookies compare their fixed odds prior to soccer matches to be sure they are not “too” inconsistent (if at all).

Bookies share information about clients, which means if you are staking large wagers on one team on one website and large wagers on another team on another website, then they will know you are sure betting. Rinse a certain website too often for their money, and they may ban you, though they will probably limit the amount you may bet.

One of the fastest ways to have your online accounts frozen or suspended is to use online tools to check which bookies have inconsistent favorites. Online betting websites have red flags that alert them of risks such as sure betting, and sure-betting tools make it easy for the bookies to figure out which punters they should be banning.

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