Is A Two State Solution The Fairest Resolution Essay

Is A Two State Solution The Fairest Resolution Essay

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Is a Two-State Solution the Fairest Resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?
The history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict began with the state of Israel declaring independence just ahead of the official end to the British Mandate in Palestine in 1948. While there were some minor conflicts and skirmishes between the Arabs and the Jews prior to 1948, those ongoing tension erupted into a full civil war and countless bloody battles that have claimed the lives of many innocent people and have dominated the international political arena for over seven decades. Peace efforts to bring a resolution to the world’s most intractable conflict, including proposals for a three-state solution, a two-state solution and one-state solution have all failed. And with all these failed attempts, the two sides could not be more pessimistic about reaching a lasting resolution that would address the Palestinian aspiration for a statehood and the Israeli concerns for security. A one-state solution remains the most viable solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict because it offers the Palestinians the opportunity to fulfill their aspiration for a statehood and the Israelis the security blanket that they have been looking for. Further, this solution would address some of the most complicated obstacles such as settlement in the occupied territory, Palestinian right of return, and sovereignty over Jerusalem.
The conditions for an independent Palestinian state is no longer feasible due to the inexorable and irreversible advance of the settlements, Israeli civilian communities built on lands occupied by Israel, in the West Bank and in East Jerusalem. The number of settlers in the West bank has more than tripled since the Oslo Peace Agreement t...

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... by the Israeli government. They may allow the return of a few thousands out of the five millions Palestinian refugees scattered all over the world to come back and live within the borders of a final Palestinian state.
sovereignty over Jerusalem may be one of the thorniest issue facing any peace agreement between the two sides. Each holds Jerusalem as their eternal capital and the locus of their religious beliefs. Jerusalem has within a small quarter a few of the most holy places, including the Western Wall, the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa Mosque central to Judaism and Islam. The loss of Jerusalem to Muslims would be a devastating blow to their faith as it revered as the third most scared city in Islam. Jews see Jerusalem as a central part of their lives for more than 3000 years and the loss of Jerusalem would mean the fall of that Jewish cause in Palestine.

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