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The Is A True Team Play Out Essays

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When things go south in the hospital that is where you can see a true team play out. There is always a clear goal, although sometimes the goal is changed during the process. It is always clearly announced when this happens. Communication although it can be very difficult is achieve. There may be a doctor giving orders, but there is an incredible thing that happens in an unsuccessful code. There is the difficult point that happens of when do you stop? Has something been missed or forgotten something that should have been tried? There is respect for all team members. They can clearly communicate without feeling persecution.
The code is not going well, and the rhythm on the monitor is not good. One nurse speaks up and says, “Can we give some Amniodarone?” The medication is given. There is no time for an ego of a doctor to get in the way of trying to reach the common goal. There is no issues with accountability.
What happened prior to the code is clearly communicated with the group, and eventually to the family. It may be possible that the situation becomes so dire that no idea is a bad idea. Everyone trust each other to communicate and have a healthy conflict of ideas. Everyone clearly trust each other and their capabilities. When someone says they are going to do something there is accountability, the job gets done.
The roles and responsibilities are not as clearly defined as they look from the outside of the room. There is a recorder that writes all interventions down. This person keeps an eye on the clock and tells when it has been the two minutes to give another medication, or do a pulse check. Then there is the person on compressions. This is rotated every two minutes. It is always best to have a line o...

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... this model and be a successful organization. Why would an organization want to get away from this model? Feeling vulnerable is uncomfortable, but so is artificial harmony. If a person on the team is questioning their commitment then they need to be able to confide in the group and get input before they can make an educated decision on whether or not to continue to be part of the team.
People are social creatures. We enjoy being able to communicate, and eventually after all of the uncomfortable vulnerability it feels good to be trusted. It feels good to be part of a successful team. It is critical to have healthy conflict in order to make educated decisions on what is best for the company and team. Although, teams are a lot of work, the benefits out weight the negatives. When a company is failing one of the main things they need to look at is their teamwork.

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