The Is A Substance That Can Make You Feel Like? Essay

The Is A Substance That Can Make You Feel Like? Essay

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It is interesting to think that, not only is a substance that can make you feel like there are bugs cawing all over you so that you scratch your own skin off in trying to get rid of them, but that there is a large percentage of the population that actually prefers that over reality. Do you ever sit there and question what is the point of life? Do you fantasize about life being different? Well of course you do, along with the rest of us mortals. Of course there are things that people do in order to bring about those dreams of a different life. The best roughs would be that of going to school, getting a job, picking up an art form, and other forms of hard work that are generally accepted forms of self-improvement. Because, of course, if you work hard enough you can succeed at anything and life will get better. That is what we were taught as small children and what we continue to teach our children. Yet, we have such a large population of people who turn to alcohol and drugs as their chosen method of altering their current reality. It is easy to push these people off as lazy people who could have had a better life if only they worked harder, or it once was easy to push them off as such. But with the growing number of people who turn as some sort of drug is growing exponentially and it isn 't just the “familiars” doing it either. In fact, it has become such a necessity for children to take a drug to not be a familiar that it has become a fairly common and legal practice to give children and teens drugs. We have a problem. With the increase recreational drug use and a huge increase in need for pharmaceutical drugs in both adults and children shouldn 't we be looking for a way to make these escapes from reality not such a necessity?


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... cope or a blatant rejection of the way the society functions? You could spend a very long time pointing fingers at things we have no control over like a rise in mental disorders or you can blame the youth and their inability to cope. But neither of these things will bring about any sort of solution to the problem. There is much that needs to be done but the first step is as always accepting that it is a problem. As a society we have done an excellent job of cutting very neat little squares for each of our citizens to fit though. In doing so we have failed to account for the fact that most people are all sorts of odd shapes and sizes and does not fit into our perfect model in society. The drugs can make them seen the square differently and they can make you seem more square like but we are not going to fit not matter how many drugs we take to try to make it happen.

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