The Is A Solar Panel Manufacturing Company Essay

The Is A Solar Panel Manufacturing Company Essay

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Solyndra is a solar panel manufacturing company that was supported by the Obama Administration that ultimately failed to deliver what they promised “Solyndra 's federally funded venture--with a price tag of $527 million, or about $1.68 for every man, woman and child in America--was supposed to be the litmus test of the Administration 's ability to fund "good projects quickly," according to a 2009 Energy Department e-mail” (Scherer, 2011). What made Solyndra’s technology better than all other solar panel manufacturers is they were manufacturing panels without silicon which is what makes solar panels so expensive. The new solar panels promised to bring in more business at a cheaper price to install. Shortly after receiving the Department of Energy Loan, Solyndra went bankrupt. Did Solyndra break the law and defraud the government? Did the Obama Administration do anything unethical? Did Solyndra act recklessly with the 535 million dollars they were given from the Department of Energy loan guarantee. Did China play a role in the failure of Solyndra?
Solyndra is a limited liability company (LLC). A limited liability company is a company that has members and not shareholders. In a limited liability company the members are not responsible for debts of the company. To become a limited liability company, the company must register with the government. “Registration also allows the government to monitor companies to execute its other functions in the business world” (Greechie, 2013). Solyndra has two patents for their solar panels. “Patents fall into three broad categories: utility, design, and plant patents. Utility patents are the most common type, requiring some kind of invention” (Hasl-Kelchner, 2006). Solyndra had a utility p...

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...ndra could not compete with China’s budget. If there had been more research and documentation before Solyndra requested the loan, Solyndra and the government would have known that China would take over the market for the new solar panels. The main people who lost in this situation was the American taxpayers. Solyndra used some of their own money, so they did lose some money, but they got lucky, as they did not have to pay back the millions they had borrowed. The government not only lost money, but also lost respect and trust from the American people. It also set the government’s “Go Green” campaign back. Solyndra was not the only company that received a Department of Energy loan and then filed bankruptcy. Some other companies that filed bankruptcy that received the Department of Energy loans and filed bankruptcy include Abound, Beacon Power and Ener1. (Markay, 2012)

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