The Is A Social Violation Of The Norm

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Social interaction is the foundation upon which humanity has built our language, politics, and each and every relationship we have with another being. Our communication with the world is the building block of society and has controlled the way we interact with others from the beginning of humankind. It is a straight forward psychological path that is seemingly irrelevant to the mundanity of everyday life until that path is interrupted. To do so is considered a Social Violation of the Norm, or, put simply, a Norm Violation. In this experiment, I was asked to come up with a social faux pas that was both within the guidelines of the law and generally safe for the person in violation of the norm. For my norm violation I chose to upon entering a crowded or semi-crowded elevator, introduce myself to the room and then follow that by saying nothing more. In the following recount of the preparation leading up to, the actual committing of the social blunder as well as the process of recording the reactions to the violation I hope to also explore the psychology behind social interactions and the unsaid truths of norms and the occurrence of social abnormalities. In order to prepare for the social faux pas, I researched what I could of doing so. This entailed looking at not only of what was said in class of violating social norms, but the intriguing manifestation of norm violations occurring not just for psychological research but for social entertainment. This brought to mind not only a multitude of questions, mostly consisting of whether or not the normalcy of abnormal behavior was influenced by the behavior seen on television or not, but that perhaps with this new research I could hypothesis in what to expect from the general public in ... ... middle of paper ... ...ating a social norm had me question society and sociology in new ways. It made me relate reality to ideas and the process you must take using the scientific method to come up with how to interplay those two notions. Not only did I get to learn about the breaking of a socially constructed idea, I, in turn, was able to learn about breaking away from my own socially constructed boundaries. As it may have been, perhaps, people didn’t react strangely because of the social norm I chose to break, or the demographic that happened to be around , or how I reacted to the friendliness of the people I encountered. It did ,however, show a side to violating social norms that, I think, has not yet been explored. That, perchance, people wanted a reprieve from the everyday fabric of social customs and that in doing so you may not only surprise others, you may also surprise yourself.
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