Is A Patient 's Worth And Liability Important Essay

Is A Patient 's Worth And Liability Important Essay

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Is a Patient’s Worth and Liability Important to Health Employees?
Improving healthcare is a long, time-consuming process. The most important phase is knowing what the glitches are and then finding a small step to improve them. The only way to successfully change our health care system is small step by small step. A problem in today’s healthcare is that patient’s want and need their medical staff to hold value and accountability in their care but they don’t know the fine lines of what these requirements actually are. Porter (2010) defines value “as the health outcomes achieved per dollar spent” (p.2477). Patients need to be aware of this definition and they need to be deciding exactly how many of these health outcomes they are personally getting per their every hard-earned dollar spent. Moving on to accountability Emanuel (1996) defines it as “the procedures and processes by which one party justifies and takes responsibility for its activities” (p. 229). If patient’s watch the news or read their local newspapers they can easily be aware that lots of healthcare parties do not want to take responsibility for their actions. They can see instances where people are suing their hospital or health care professional and trying to get them to pay for what they believe to be a mistake. If these health care professionals increase their value and accountability requirements then there could be less suing and less countless dollars spent.

Patients want their health care cost to go down and to do this one of the simplest solutions would be to increase the value of their health care every single time they seek it. If health care workers would cover all the bases when a patient comes in instead of stretching out all their care...

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...ty and value in all aspects of health care. Although, when looking at the bigger picture, revolutions that the health care system desperately need cannot happen unless health literacy rises. This seems like a small step towards improvement, but small steps are exactly what this system needs. The problem of health literacy is monumental and there are simple solutions to improve it as stated previously. Once health literacy is tackled and positive results can be seen then customers will have the ability to progress themselves. If customers are then more valued and able to hold themselves more accountable then care innovators can begin on another step in overcoming the six forces that Herzlinger simplified. Even though improving health care will be a forever process, by taking these steps to refinevalue and accountability the system will be that much closer to ideal.

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