The Is A Non Biased Individual Essay

The Is A Non Biased Individual Essay

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When one brings up the topic of reason being better than faith because it is a more tangible, physical entity that we can perceive; I often wonder if only that reasoning makes it the better option. We all have our own biases towards certain faiths and beliefs. Keeping that in mind, trying to back up your reason for believing in the faith you do, or for not believing in anything, may be impossible as that bias will affect the way you think about each topic. Ironically enough, the best way to go about comparing and contrasting believes is to be a non-biased individual. The reason for it is because we all believe in something.
Believing in something is not limited to not being bound by a religion or faith. Simply having sufficient reasoning and science behind a fact means you believe in it. A good example of a belief like this is Darwinism. They believe in science above all else. Everything observable to believers in Darwinism is the truth. Many people will agree with them because science is something tangible and can be explained logically every time. I won’t argue against science claiming that there are things that science cannot explain, as that would be a mute argument. What I will argue against is how Darwinism explains the advent of faith. The way they see faith in my opinion has one glaring flaw, and it first dawned on me after hearing Daniel Dennett speak about how faith is a virus. He compared it to a disease that hijacks the brains of the host and uses them to further spread. He compared it to a fungus he saw in ants that did the same thing to the ant, making the ant crawl up a leaf and die. The problem with this belief is you are shutting yourself away from other ideas presented by anyone of faith. If you believe that ev...

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...thing into consideration.
In conclusion, the main issue Darwinism and logical thinking has is that it puts bettering yourself above all else. I describe it as not being selfish enough. What I mean by that is not only do I want to be the best I can be, but I want everyone around me to be the best they can be. In a logical world, you cannot expect everyone to have the same viewpoint as you, and just because you believe in Darwinism and logical thinking, does not mean everyone else will. This though can be applied to any faith. When comparing the viewpoints of how we came to existence, the truth logically means god is the force behind existence because something cannot come from nothing, something or someone has to make nothing into something. Finally, having faith is the best side to be on because in the end, there is hope in having faith, as opposed to nothingness.

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