Essay on The Is A National Movement

Essay on The Is A National Movement

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Progressives is a national movement that was formed to fix problems of “big business,” the economy, and help the immigrants feel more comfortable, all being caused by industrialization. Progressives were the “good guys,” they wanted to make America better by giving it some “order.”
One problem with “big businesses” is that they would do whatever they want, whenever they want. The problem with that is that the economy would be great one year, then, next year would be awful. One way that progressives would fix this “big business” problem is by setting some rules for them to follow. That helped keep the economy more stable, and keep from big businesses competing small businesses out of business.
Another problem is that some businesses were too big and too competitive. Some of them became too big, and that would give them control in the industry, which is called monopoly. Some monopoly is bad. They are bad because they would be able to dictate prices and the access. They technically would cheat to get to be a “big business.” With the prices, they could abuse prices by raising them extremely high because there is no real competition. By, cutting the prices drastically, they run other small companies out of business, because they wouldn’t be able to keep up with the price changes. They can also regulate access to the market, helping them take out their competition.
An example of how a monopoly can be bad is by abusing prices, saying that there is only one T.V network, example U-verse. Since there is no one else who can serve the companies’ specialty, they charge relatively high. It’s either them or nothing. There’s nothing we can do because they don’t really care to keep their customer.
Although progressives wan...

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...e’s moral values. Also, because this trail showed how important media plays a part in everyday life.
Economy does well in 1920s because of consumption. Economy is well because of World War 1. Consumption increased due to 3 main reasons. First, the people had new “toys” to buy. The toys were new inventions, like washing machines, fridges, and cars. Second, because people could afford all these new “toys” by the availability of consumer credit. That’s where you would buy what you like now, and pay for it later. Third, consumption increased due to new approaches within the advertising industry. They would tell you if you don’t buy it, bad things would happen to you. They would also start focusing on using experts and playing with your feelings. For example, if you don’t buy Listerine mouthwash, then you won’t get the new job because your breath will stink.

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