Essay on The Is A Mobile Dating App

Essay on The Is A Mobile Dating App

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Tinder is a mobile dating app that has taken over the online dating world and alarmingly beat out its competitors. With its game like layout, which makes the app enjoyable to use, Tinder’s amount of daily users has exponentially increased. Tinder has become popular because humans are attracted to Tinder’s design and logistics which play into real life situations. Tinder sets itself apart from other dating apps because the app acknowledges human nature’s psychology of attraction, banishes the fear of rejection, and pushes its users enough to communicate with other users.
As many people may know, Tinder has a game like quality to the app in which the users swipe right if the user is attracted to the user they see on their screen and left if the user on the screen does not attract them. If two people “swipe right” for each other 's photos, the two people are able to start a conversation with each other. Tinder’s popularity is partially due to the fact that they use information about attraction and compile this information into one simple feature—the swipe feature. The swipe feature is a simple yet ingenious feature because the swipe feature is a visual representation of what people do when they meet other people in real life. In real life, people identify individuals as attractive or unattractive. The swipe feature organizes different users into two categories and only allows users to talk to other users if both of the users find each other attractive. By being able to sort out who people may find attractive with one swipe in a game-like manner, Tinder makes its app enjoyable to use. In addition, numerous studies by social psychologists prove that attraction is initiated by physical attraction and unlike other dating apps, Tinder ac...

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... other’s interests. This is similar to having a “blind date, “which is thrilling but uncommon in this day and age. Nowadays, people are able to find out information about other people via the internet and force themselves to research the other person’s interests. Doing these actions make getting to know someone uneventful. By having little to no information about the other user, Tinder forces its users to actually get to know each other which therefore makes the app unique.
Tinder is one of the only dating apps with many users, but a remarkably different layout than other dating apps. Many new companies or companies to come should use Tinder as an example on how to attract a wide range of users. By acknowledging the psychology of attraction and noticing modern dating patterns, Tinder created a comfortable and casual dating app that appeals to millions of people.

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