Essay on Is A Firearm Weapon Of Choice For Many Gang Members?

Essay on Is A Firearm Weapon Of Choice For Many Gang Members?

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A firearm is usually the weapon of choice for many gang members due to their compact size and ability to create quickly discharge against their rivals. According to Davis a handgun (1995) “Is an instrument used to impress others in the gang and the community with the group 's ability to act in battle” (p. 130). During this hit up confrontation many times it leads to an exchange of gunfire between rival gangs. The unfortunate part is that too many times during the exchange of gunfire an unintended innocent bystander is hit and many times killed.
Other crimes by gang members against one another are more planned out and not spontaneous. These crimes include but are not limited to threats/intimidation, assault/battery, robbery, burglary, arson, attempted murder and murder.
Gang members live a life of fear constantly having to keep an eye out for rival gang members and not get caught “slipping up”. In other terms get caught with their guard down and are vulnerable. Gangs try to take advantage of when their rivals are most vulnerable by planning and committing an ambush style of attack which can be a walk-by shooting, ride-up shooting or the more common drive-by shooting. This creates the element of surprise and gives the gang an opportunity to do the greatest damage while keeping the opportunity for apprehension by law enforcement to a minimum. Highly organized gangs will carefully plan out a drive-by shooting by having a specific route, and specific time planned out. This route and time is usually worked around the time when the intended target is at a certain location and law enforcements response rate will have the longest delay due to shift changes, holidays, or special events that require a large presence. Drive-by shootings ar...

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.... The letter M is significant of the Mexican Mafia a violent prison gang which is used to pledge allegiance to them. The gangs “turf” must fall under the geographic area considered Southern California by the Mexican Mafia which is roughly from Bakersfield all the way south to the U.S Mexico border. A gang’s allegiance to the Mexican Mafia is shown by following orders sent out of prison and paying “taxes” or a cut of the gang’s drug sales revenue. This pledge of allegiance is an exchange with the Mexican Mafia for protection when a member of that gang enters prison. According to Skarbek (2011) “When Surenos enter correctional facilities, they put aside their rivalries and obey the Mexican Mafia” (p. 704). In other words once rivals out in the streets all Southern California Hispanic gang members fall under one category and leave their rivalries out in the streets.

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