Is A College Degree Truly Worth Obtaining?

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Is a college degree truly worth obtaining? Many people think that there is no point in furthering one’s education level, in today’s economy, due to the fact that companies today now focus on experience instead of a college degree. Despite how true that statement may be, one must address the facts and get down to the realities on the true value and significance of achieving a higher education. Not only will a degree offer higher income paying jobs and more job opportunities, but it will also create a healthier lifestyle for the individual and their family. Americans today tend to believe that investing into a college degree might not be the most efficient way to invest in a more stable and financially rewarding future. For example, the readings of “Should Everyone Go to College", states that, before an individual decides to become a college student, one must investigate the cost of an institution, if the institution that the person is planning on attending offers the major program the person is planning on completing and investigate the pros and cons of the institute as well. Some of those pros and cons should include graduation rates, room and board, rankings of the institution and if the school offers scholarships programs (Owen & Sawhill). Per a recent and extensive study, completing an associate 's degree, which is a two-year degree program, was estimated to be worth nearly one-hundred-and-seventy thousand dollars higher than an individual with simply a high school diploma, over a course of a lifetime in 2011. Now compare that number to a college graduate with a bachelor’s degree. That degree earned, on average, thirty-thousand-dollars higher per year than a high school graduate, which accumulates up to an estimated five-hundr... ... middle of paper ... ...s (Hrabowski). In conclusion, many have their opinions on whether a college education is worth obtaining or not, but at the end of the day a degree is well worth the time and finances invested and will always help keep more doors open for the individual. Not only does a degree help a person mentally and financially, but it also helps an individual emotionally and physically by lowering stress levels, because college will teach a person how to manage their lives, how to deal and control stress and how to think critically, much more effectively. As the global economy keeps progressing and growing and the more that companies focus on hiring individuals with degrees, the more competitive the job market will become. One must do everything possible in order to separate themselves from the competition and obtaining a college degree is an excellent way of accomplishing that.

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