The Iroquois League and Longhouses Essay

The Iroquois League and Longhouses Essay

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The Iroquois, also known as the Iroquois League was originally comprised of five nations including the Mohawk, Seneca, Onondaga, Cayuga, and Oneida nations (Richter 1983). As a whole they originated in the Hamilton-Niagara region of southwestern Ontario and adjacent New York (Noble 1984), however, they did not start of as a League. This paper will explore the borders of the Iroquois territoriality including the range they covered and their home area, as well as how the territory is utilized to make a living and also how it is defended.
As stated before the Iroquois League habituated the Hamilton-Niagara region of the southwest Ontario and adjacent New York (Noble 1984). These areas are known for having many lakes, rivers, thick and plentiful forests, ample rainfall, and soil rich enough to harvest. These were known as the Eastern Woodlands and are direct neighbors to the subarctic north and the plains culture to the left. The Iroquois League used the several natural landmarks around them to establish territory between the tribes. Horticulture, the art or practice of garden cultivation and management, was their main source of subsistence, so much so that they used words whose meaning is “our life” or “it sustains us,” in naming their food such as maize (Parker 1988). Politically, the Iroquois League established a constitution known as the Great Binding Law. Passed down orally for many generations, it wasn’t until recently that the Iroquois attempted to transfer their constitution into written form (Parker 1988). For many generations they also used wampum belts and strings to recall laws and regulation, but they kept getting destroyed or lost and in fear of the total destruction of their ancient archives, the Iroquois League selec...

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...en the colonies won the revolution, the Iroquois were forced to move territory and settle on areas called reservations, which were allotted by the colonies.
More recently, the Iroquois are still present but scattered about and not as prominent as they used to be. As of 1990 there are only 50,000 within the United States. Their religion has made a move from mostly spiritual to of the Christian faith, thanks to influence from the Quakers. In conclusion, the Iroquois League is a historic horticultural group that has left their mark well in history. They were a group of matriarchal natives whose tribes centered on peace and tranquility, however, we must not forget their killer instincts when it came to keeping prisoners at war; this was a unique quality of the tribes. The Iroquois League’s downfall was unfavorable, but fortunately they are still alive and well today.

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