Iron Jaw Angels : Women 's Rights Essay

Iron Jaw Angels : Women 's Rights Essay

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For too long, women has been deprived equal rights as men. Even though women played a vital role in the building of this nation, they are deprived the rights of first class citizenship. Especially in the late 1800s and early 1900s, women were instrumental in upholding a traditional family values, they helped in the industrial age, they took care of war victims during the First World War, women worked overtime in the weapon factory to make sure the American military had a steady supply during the War and many more participation to ensure a smooth and enjoyable society is achieved. But men took their role for granted and refused to acknowledge their full importance and the amendment of the constitution to give them the rights to earn equal pay and vote.
The movie Iron Jaw Angels made one of the major landmark in women rights history. This movie explains the struggle of American women who, in the beginning of the 20th century, started showing resistance of unequal treatment. In the movie, the National Women Suffrage Association (NAWSA) was the body that has kicked off advocate that the United States government amend the constitution to allow women the rights to vote. The association was leaded by Anna Howard Shaw and Carrie Chapman. In the process, Alice Paul, a University of Pennsylvania doctorate graduate, was introduced to the National Women Suffrage Association (NAWSA). Alice Paul with her friend Lucy Burns, an Oxford graduate, approached the NWASA leaders, Anna Howard Shaw and Carrie Chapman, to discuss how to contribute to the suffrage movement. Alice suggested that a parade will get the attention of Washington politicians and the media, but Anna and Carrie were not willing to fund such effort. They authorized Alice and Lucy ...

... middle of paper ... approach definitely reflect in Alice style of leadership. The second primary part of situational leadership model shows the development levels of subordinates. Development levels is known as the degree which subordinates has the competence needed to accomplish an assigned task. Alice’s style reflected her guidance in enhancing likes of Emily Leighton, Mabel Vernon and others to show strong devotion towards accomplishing the goals of the suffragists. The movie definitely educates more on the important roles of women in promoting equality in America. Alice also showed supportive leadership style when she facilitated another batch of protest after the first set involving Lucy Burns were initially arrested. Alice’s action while the suffragists were at Occoquan Workhouse was consistent and the others gained the confidence that they needed through her brave leadership.

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