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To some, the term Irish Americans represents a group who can be found among many other ethnic groups in the United States; however to those members who are Irish-Americans, it shows a group who endured through slavery, torture, starvation, and blood and tears under the control of the British Parliament. This all happened in the 1700s when Poyning’s Law was passed, which allowed British parliament to gain full control on Ireland, separating themselves from England to gain more money. Despite the immense monarchial power of the British, the Irish also faced many natural disasters that became a huge factor for their departure to the United States.
Ireland was a place similar to a prison cell for the Irish. Under the control of Britain, Irish were secluded from having any sort of freedom. During the time of the Elizabethan era, plantation was only granted to Protestants loyal to Britain. They were provided with sufficient amount of lands which was rightfully meant to be shared with the Irish and Catholics. The British showed no compassion; with their ruthless hearts they passed unfair laws that were directed towards the Irish and Catholics. In the eyes of British, Irish and Catholics were treated equally. These laws passed by the British were so callous that even being a “Catholic could get a person into trouble, along with keeping the Irish tradition such as speaking Gaelic, Irish song, story, and dance was outlawed.” (O’Reilly, 71) These series of laws passed by the British was known as the Penal Laws, “they effectively prohibited those who were not Anglican protestants –namely, Catholics, and to a lesser extent dissenters from participating in political life.” (O’Reilly, 70) Penal laws prevented any Irish and Catholics from hol...

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... famine, the British government officials came up with a theory which advocated a hand’s off policy in the hopes that everything would be resolved on its own.
Thus, all these actions and natural disasters that happened to the Irish resulted in their migration. Unable to go to the surrounding countries due to the British power, they had to resort going to the United States, the only place that offered complete freedom. In hopes of finding better opportunities “over a million people left Ireland, primarily for economic reasons.” (Dolan, 35) Even with the over-crowded, disease infested ships that went to United States; these desperate Irish people still did anything to escape the power of Great Britain.

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