Iris Recognition Techniques for Biometric Personal Identifcation Essay

Iris Recognition Techniques for Biometric Personal Identifcation Essay

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This document describes iris recognition techniques for biometric personal
identi cation being used and researched today. All information is compiled
from second hand research done by Andrew Miech. While iris recognition
has been theorized for many years, it was not until 1994 that anyone had an
algorithm to do so, much less a way to implement such recognition techniques.
Iris recognition is a process of taking an image of the eye and processing it
to compare it to a database of known irises in order to identify a speci c
The purpose of this project is to research and present a topic related to pat-
tern recognition. For this assignment, iris recognition as a tool for individual
recognition is to be the topic. Students are to work alone on this project.
No actual code needs to be written, so no demonstration of the chosen topic
needs to take place.
We have all seen movies where a spy has to get through extensive security
systems in order to recover some sensitive piece of information. These spies
must get through all sorts of obstacles, but some of the hardest ones are
biometric identi cation systems. When most people think biometric iden-
ti cation, ngerprints are the rst thing that comes to their heads. Next,
undoubtedly is retina scans. Retinal scanning predated iris scanning in the
biometric identi cation eld by nearly twenty years. Iris scanning is the pro-
cess of taking photos of a large population of individuals so that a later photo
can be compared to the originals and nd a match.
Fingerprints, the retina, and the iris are all uniquely identi able to spe-
ci c individuals even between identical twins. Fingerprints can change over
time due to environmental conditio...

... middle of paper ...

...this is because the illuminator below the video cam-
era can cause a corneal specular re
ection on the bottom 90degrees of the
iris. Daugman explains that the absolute value in (1) is more for nding the
pupic-iris boundary since cataracts and back-scattered light can cause the
pupil to appear lighter than the iris and thus the smoothed partial derivative
would not be positive. He also boasts that tailoring  to each stage of the
search and making each iteration successively ner (1) is virtually infallible
in locating the inner and outer annular boundaries of irises.
Detecting these boundaries is not always easy. In the lab, iris-sclera
boundaries are a simple thing to nd, unfortunately, the iris-pupil boundary
is more dicult. Sympathetic and parasympathetic innervation of the iris
sphincter muscle means that the size of the pupil is always changing.

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