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The capital of Ireland is Dublin. Their flag is divided into three equal parts of green, white, and orange. Their population is 4,109,086 (July 2007 est.). The official languages of Ireland are English and Irish, also known as Irish Gaelic. %100 of the population speak English with about %80 speaking Gaelic.
Ireland is a republic, parliamentary democracy. They received their independence from the UK on December 6th, 1921.
Ireland is an island which lies west of Britain across the Irish Sea in the Northe Atlantic Ocean. Ireland is 27,136 square miles with a varied landscape. Since the island's landscape is mostly covered in a beautiful green grass it is nicknames the Emerald Isle. The west coast of Ireland is rocky with rugged cliffs and has lots of inlets and bays. There are hundreds of small islands off the west coast. The central lowland consists of rolling hills and peat bogs. There is a lot of pasture land in Ireland which is used for farming and cattle, but there is little natural woodland. The highest peak in Ireland is Carrauntoohil which is 3, 414 feet and lies along ...

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