Iraqi Political Issues Of Iraq Essay

Iraqi Political Issues Of Iraq Essay

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Iraqi Political Issues
Iraq is one of the most important countries in the Middle East. It has six neighboring countries, four of them are Arabic countries, and the last two are Turkey and Iran. Therefore, Iraq has good strategic geographical location in that area. This country has complex system control. The first government was the Royal System, which lasted from 1921 until 1958. Then the President System, which was a dictatorial system, was there until 2003. Afterwards, the democratic system, which is complex, began in 2003. The democratic system in Iraq is like the system in Israel. This system has many political Parties. Iraq has more than 25 big political parties. Iraq also has Parliament, which has 325 members, and Iraqi system has rules of constitutionality, legislation, and execution. Even though the members of Parliament are from many parties, they are divided into four groups, the Shiite, Sunni, Kurdish, and the Independent. A major issue is that almost all of them do not agree or accept the opinions of each other. In addition, the real problems in Iraq are the politicians because each one wants to take the office and as much money as possible. For example the Kurdish party, which is from Kurdistan, wanted to take several chairs in the office, such as President and Ministers. This party has taken more money than they deserve, and if the government does not accept it, the Kurdish party will threaten to separate from Iraq. However, there are different opinions especially between Shiite and Sunni parties about some cities, such as Tikrit, Mosul, and Anbar. These cities are taken over by ISIS, and which army or force will fight against ISIS. The Shiite Parties fight ISIS by three forces, and Sunni parties want to fight ISIS ...

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... should preserve Iraq and settle their differences. Iraq needs to unite all Iraqi political parties to confront the enemies to save individuals’ lives, conserve Iraqi economy, and retain Iraqi history and protect its borders. According to these points, three forces are better than one force, and the three forces are strong enough to retake Iraqi cities, as they did in Tikrit, and as they should do in Mosul and Anbar. This problem can be fixed it by good leadership. Even though the situation is very difficult in Iraq, it is 1,000 times better than before 2003. However, if the politicians, political parties, and people decide to help Iraq by leaving all of sectarianism, doctrinal, and racism, it will make Iraq the best country in the Middle East. Also, leadership should plan to merge all three forces to make one strong force, which encounter any danger threatened Iraq.

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