The Iraq War: Nothing to Win and Everything to Lose Essay

The Iraq War: Nothing to Win and Everything to Lose Essay

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America is under attack, not necessarily from an enemy in a faraway land, but by our own government. In the current year 2010, almost 7 years after shock and awe mission that officially started the war in Iraq, the U.S. government fails to acknowledge that our efforts in the Middle East have plagued, and that it is time to bring our troops home. The surge campaigns in recent years are felt by many to be an unofficial recognition that the war isn’t going well, and many top generals have had high hopes for this military strategy, but overwhelming evidence concludes this was a short-lived success. No one can deny the financial toll the Iraq war is having on America, our country is in the middle of the worst economic crisis in recent history, and we are spending hundreds of billions of dollars a year on a war most Americans no longer agree with. Perhaps the most compelling reason we need to withdraw from Iraq, is that if you have even just a little understanding of Al Qaeda, you understand that they are an opponent that cannot be fully conquered.
In 2007, under mounting pressure from anti-war groups, and consistent polls showing Americans had become disenchanted with the Iraq war efforts, the Bush administration came up with a new tactical strategy appropriately named, “The Surge”. In a speech given by President Bush he called the surge “A new way forward” , which indirectly confirmed to many that the White House was aware of it military shortcomings in Iraq. Although the Bush administration most likely had the best of intentions, there are a few key reasons the Iraqi surge did not have sustained positive results. The surge strategy was to add 20,000 more troops to Iraq, these troops would be used in urban civilian areas where the...

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...ut they’re daily life, ignorant to the tragedy that has become the Iraq war. Americans need to wake up, remember that freedom isn’t free, and realize hardworking Americans are footing the bill for a war that is robbing American of valuable resources. Americans need realize that everyday, lives are being extinguished for no tangible reason. Americans needs to know that the Iraq people as a whole do not want U.S. occupation anymore, they realize we’ve done all we can do for them and America as well, also needs to come to that realization. Americans need to understand that a very minis call amount of Muslim extremist crashed into the twin towers on that fateful day in history, that the U.S. has caused enough bloodshed in the name of revenge and justice. Killing Americans is what Al Quada thrives on, America needs to stop fueling they’re fire, and bring our troops home.

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