Essay about The Iraq War From The View Of The Iraqis

Essay about The Iraq War From The View Of The Iraqis

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The Iraq war from the view of the Iraqis in Turtles Can Fly
The movie, Turtles Can Fly, is about the fall of Saddam Hussein and the time going until the second Iraq war is to begin. They follow a group of orphans struggling to survive the war. Waiting for the American soldiers to come and give a better life. Showing what refugees had to go through during those times. The kids making a living by disarming and selling mines to arms dealers nearby.
Most movies in today times do not show the point of view of the minority groups. But in Turtles Can Fly they are showing the struggles of one village full of orphans and children, and refugees with few adults but even the adults are struggling to make a living. Some of them requiring the kids to work for satellite to supplement their income. Making the three prominent themes of suffering, salvation, and struggle obvious to the watcher.
The main theme being the one of salvation the villagers waited for the Americans to come to save them from all their daily struggles in hope for a better life. Throughout the movie we have seen people...

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