Iraq: the War of Counter Justification Essay

Iraq: the War of Counter Justification Essay

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Iraq: the War of Counter Justification

US History II

A war incited by, and founded on fear. Fear provoked not by a direct threat issued by Iraq, but by the potential danger of it. One of the major sparks of this fear being the 9/11 attacks, which the US government used to initially rally support for an invasion—later found to have no connection with Iraq or its president, Saddam Hussein. Although domestic support was initially high from claims made by the United States government, Operation Iraqi Freedom was unjustified for it violated the six strict criteria for the justification for war: Jus Ad Bellum.
One, “Justifiable cause”: the necessity of a wrong to be fixed or a right to be defended (Dowd 18-20). The preemptive strike on Iraq that the Bush administration carried out was meant to prevent Saddam Hussein from deploying WMD against America, and to rid Iraq of WMD. However, both of these ‘justifiable causes’ were later found to be without merit or factual support.
The US government claimed Iraq had a functioning nuclear program and WMD to provide a necessity for our invasion, for self-protection. Specifically, there was a document they had knowledge of, which mentioned that Iraq “was trying to acquire 500 tons of uranium from Niger” (“Iraq: Nuclear Related Procurement Efforts” 30). To investigate this claim Joseph Wilson was sent as a diplomat to Niger. After having conducted a thorough examination, Wilson published an Op-ed, months before the US invasion began, where he had come to the conclusion that, “the intelligence related to Iraq’s nuclear weapons program was twisted to exaggerate the Iraqi threat”(1). This was just one among a number of other findings concluding that Iraq really had little to ...

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