Essay on The Iraq Body Count Project

Essay on The Iraq Body Count Project

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The Iraq Body Count project was founded in 2003 by volunteers from the United Kingdom and the United States. The volunteers felt an obligation to ensure that the innocent civilians who were killed weren’t forgotten. The IBC team consists of journalist and media support workers from around the world. The workers out in the dangerous and heavy armed streets of Iraq risk their lives daily to report the wars daily catastrophes. The article in which most of the information comes from discusses how Isis spread across Iraq and Syria, the funding of the program and most importantly for this paper the cost of the actions of Isis on civilians.

The unfortunate deaths that caused the IBC organization to be formed exemplifies the problematic non discussion of non-wars and the causalities that result from it. Non-wars predictably have more criminal behavior than war, the fighting doesn’t endanger only those fighting, but those in close juxtaposition in this case civilians. The IBC includes information that it has received from NGO’s in Iraq, for example the Iraqi Red Crescent. The current death ...

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